Open Source Projects

Below are some original open source projects I have released. I usually release software under the MIT license.

Many of the below software projects are available for installation using my software repositories


yum-rocket is a plugin for YUM. It provides threaded downloading of package data, mirror prioritization based on speed (when used with fastestmirror), and distributed downloads by spanning multiple mirrors on a per-repository basis.



Oaf is a web app proof-of-concept framework for quickly creating dynamic applications using whatever programming language is most natural to the developer. Simple inputs and outputs plus the flexibility of any language which can be run as an executable make it an easy solution for mocking and prototyping.

(GitHub) (RubyGems)


Pakrat is a python library and command line utility for mirroring and optionally versioning YUM repositories.

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veneer is an experimental framework for creating RESTful API's in PHP. It features a simple router, built-in input validation and documentation facilities, and integrates easily with other useful frameworks and protocols.



veneer-swagger is an endpoint definition for the veneer framework that exposes all defined endpoint documentation via a RESTful interface that can be directly consumed by the swagger protocol from Wordnik. When coupled with swagger-ui (also from Wordnik), you can have interactive API documentation almost for free.



puppet-packagelist is a puppet module which can be used to define all packages to be installed on a given system. It offers a purge option, which can remove any packages that are not defined in the list you pass in. Lists can be passed in as simple text files or within puppet as an array.

(GitHub) (Puppet Forge)


puppet-tell is an experimental puppet module which can notify external parties when resources are changed. As an example, you want to notify a web hook whenever the Linux kernel is updated as part of your puppet run, puppet-tell can do that for you. It supports web hooks and SMTP.

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Sertify was a weekend project to create an easy way of defining input validation functions one time in a short and descriptive YAML file, and then generating code in many languages based on the YAML template. It can generate code for Bash, PHP, Ruby, and Python.